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handcrafted in london

Nicholson has been a brand of great distinction pioneering gin distilling since 1736. Whilst the world may have changed dramatically since we began, the superb flavour and quality of our gin remains as beautiful as ever


At the time of the Gin Act (introduced to curb gin consumption), the Nicholson and Bowman families set up as distillers and spirits merchants in Clerkenwell, London. The first generation of Nicholson Gin was born


J&W Nicholson & Co purchased a site on Woodbridge Street, Clerkenwell to refine their famous gin distillation


Due to popular demand, Nicholson moves to larger premises on St John’s Street, Clerkenwell, the frontage of which still stands today


J&W Nicholson & Co begin developing their own London Dry style and become one of the largest and most successful distillers


Legend has it that the Duke of Wellington was fond of a glass or two of Nicholson Gin. At his state funeral, Nicholson provides their strong dray horses to pull the 18-ton funeral car


Accomplished cricketer William Nicholson loans funds to the MCC to purchase the freehold of Lord’s Cricket Ground. The grateful MCC went on to adopt Nicholson’s ‘egg and bacon’ colours for their own


J&W Nicholson & Co purchase Three Mills Distillery and establishes a stand-alone pub group, still known today as Nicholson’s Pubs


William Nicholson elected President of the MCC


The MCC’s new Pavilion opened thanks to the generosity of William Nicholson who funded its construction – and was affectionately known at the time as the ‘Gin Palace'

1900's onwards

Nicholson Gin is advertised widely and becomes a household name

1900's onwards

Nicholson Gin is exported to all corners of the globe


Nicholson Gin is recommended in the three great cocktail books of the age – Harry Craddock’s ‘The Savoy Cocktail Book’, Harry McElhone’s ‘Harry’s ABC of Mixing Cocktails’ and Albert Stevens Crockett’s ‘The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book’


J&W Nicholson & Co is sold to Allied Breweries who are principally interested in the pub estate. Nicholson Gin ceases production for a while...


The MCC recognise William Nicholson as ‘The man who saved Lords’ in an exhibition to mark the 150th anniversary of securing the Lord’s Ground


Nicholson Gin is revived by direct descendants of the original Nicholson family and fittingly first goes on sale at Lord’s


Nicholson acquired and reimagined for a new global audience

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