Nicholson Original. We revived a classic gin for today’s discerning palate.

The Nicholson story is the story of gin. And this is no idle boast.


Our distinguished heritage can be traced back to 1736 when our family began distilling gin in Clerkenwell. From 1808 we were known as J&W Nicholson & Co and went on to become one of the great spirit producers of Victorian England

The Nicholson distilling process was one of experimentation, innovation, and relentless refinement. With the introduction of the famous Coffey still in the 1840’s and availability of exotic botanicals from around the globe, we became a pioneer of, the London Dry Gin style.

In 1873, J&W Nicholson & Co acquired the Three Mills site in Bow, introducing innovative milling machinery and expanding distilling capacity to meet the growing demand for our famous spirits.

By the 1920’s and 1930’s, Nicholson Gin was heralded as an essential ingredient of many cocktails. The contemporary mixologist will find Nicholson Gin is strongly commended in the original Savoy Cocktail Book of 1930, “the bartender’s bible”. Nicholson was similarly lauded in The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book and Harry’s ABC of Mixing Cocktails. A great martini was not a great martini unless it contained Nicholson Gin.

Today’s Nicholson Original London Dry Gin comes from a different generation.


The revival in 2017 of the Nicholson Gin brand has been led by Tim Walker and Nicholas Browne, cousins and direct descendants of the original founders.

“In deciding to revive the brand we were determined to honour both family tradition and the true integrity of the original London Dry style that our ancestors so carefully pioneered.”


The new bottle and label have been developed based on careful research in the Company archives to reflect both the importance of the Nicholson family in the history of gin as well as our links to London, cricket, and the MCC.

Distilled true to our original recipe and handcrafted for the discerning consumer of today, Nicholson Original marks the return of a famous and classic London gin.

Family made. Family run.

Nicholson Original London Dry Gin.

From a Different Generation.

Almost 280 years of perfecting our craft.

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From a Different Generation.

The Nicholson family have been the forefront of gin making for many generations.

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Nicholson Original London Dry Gin is a substantial and classic gin made to an original recipe.

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