A unique opportunity to purchase super-premium London Dry Gin from Britain’s oldest family-held independent brand – Est. 1736

An unrivalled classic

Nicholson Gin is the oldest British gin brand in the market today, and one of the few long-established brands not in the hands of a major drinks conglomerate.

Nicholson Gin has unrivalled history and provenance both in spirits distillation and in its sporting links. Under family ownership, the brand is distilled to its original recipe and presented with a heritage-rich, classic design.

Fortnum & Mason


“A substantial and classic gin – rumoured to be favoured by historical figures including The Duke of Wellington and Sarah Bernhardt, no less – and still made to the Nicholson family’s original recipe, dating from 1736.”

Fortnum & Mason

UK Stockist


Available in 750ml bottles for the US market. 40.3% ABV

A world of flavour, lovingly distilled

Our unique blend of 10 botanicals – as used by William Nicholson in the late 1800s – combine to create a classic London Dry Gin which is Juniper led, with citrus notes and a touch of spice.


Juniper berries

Juniper Berries

Macedonia & Italy

The aroma and taste of juniper should be the signature note in any gin, both on the nose and on the palate.


russian coriander

Russian Coriander

Romania & Bulgaria

Playing a central role with a complex flavour once distilled, all at once citrusy, nutty and a little spicy.


moroccan coriander

Moroccan Coriander


More discernable towards the end of the flavour journey, blends perfectly with the Juniper, and is responsible for the lemony-citrus note in Nicholson.


angelica root

Angelica Root


An earthy, slightly bitter/herbal flavour reminiscent of wormwood, which carries through to the nose, with a faintly nettle-like aroma.


Opens with a nose of lemon and angelica. Swirl the glass and the aromatic notes of cinnamon and nutmeg really come through deep and rich, with lots of punch.


The palate is sweet, with more citrus flavours and a heavy dose of juniper. There is a woody quality to the flavours that gives them a really rich character.


Long and dry, with lots more juniper and a great blast of citrus. The liquorice comes through brilliantly and again, adds a lovely depth to the flavours.

A fresh, distinctive brand

In 2016, leading brand consultants, Claessens International were engaged to refresh our logo, bottle and labels.

After carefully researching the company archives, our new bottle and label were developed to reflect both the importance of the Nicholson family in the history of gin, as well as our heritage links to London and the world famous Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Reflecting the quality of our gin, our bottles are made in Italy by Bruni Glass and are heavy at c.600g each.

A dedicated, winning team

The Nicholson Gin team draws together some of the UK’s finest talent and industry expertise, creating a firm foundation for expansion of the brand in the US market.

Nicholas Browne

Director & Co-founder

Great-great grandson of William Nicholson. Responsible for finance, investors, planning and strategy.

Ian Tottman

Sales & Marketing Director

Former PLC Board Director within FMCG, wine and spirits categories specializing in strategy.

Charles Maxwell

Master Distiller

Renowned distiller of multiple award-winning gins with over 30 years experience.

Frederika Adam

International Brand Ambassador

Born in New York City, now living and working between London and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lucy Cousens

Head of Marketing

An experienced FMCG Marketer and former team leader for Absolut Vodka at Pernod Ricard.

Milo Walker

Sales Manager

A Nicholson family member with a background in sales and retail, and a passion for outstanding spirits.

Ben Gibbins

Head of Sales

A seasoned professional with 15 years experience in spirits, brand development and hospitality.

Sam Sanders

Logistics Manager

Oversees all domestic and export order processing, fulfilment and compliance requirements.

Our history in the United States

Nicholson Gin was exported to the US and across the world from the 1850’s onwards – through the Civil War, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the dramatic industrialisation and wealth creation of the late 19th century and two world wars of the 20th century.


Renowned as a classic cocktail gin, Nicholson was one of very few spirits to be individually mentioned in the cocktail recipes of The Old Waldorf Astoria Bar Book, first published in 1935, and which catalogues the golden age of cocktails both before and after Prohibition.

Nicholson Gin continued to be available in the US until about 1985 and vintage bottles can still be found at specialist merchants today.

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An exceptional market position

As a member of the super-premium family, Nicholson Gin offers substantial retail margins in a fast-growing, ‘on-trend’ category which last year saw a reported 46.3% growth in worldwide sales.













A must in any drinks cabinet!

3rd August 2017

Great addition to my collection.

28th August 2017

A truly delightful tipple!

7th February 2018

A superb classic London dry gin.

25th March 2019

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