Cricket has been part of
our history for
150 years…

Nicholson Gin, the spirit of cricket

William Nicholson (1824 – 1909) Director and later Chairman of J&W Nicholson & Co and visionary distiller was a keen cricketer making 148 known first class appearances for MCC, Middlesex and England. In 1866 he loaned the MCC funds to purchase the freehold of Lord’s Ground, thereby securing the future of the club from property developers. He was elected president of MCC in 1879.

In 1889 he loaned further sums to finance the building of the present Pavilion, nicknamed at the time ‘the Gin Palace’. It is generally accepted that because of his generosity MCC adopted the Nicholson ‘egg & bacon’ colours, now instantly recognisable across the sporting world and prominent on the neck and back labels of Nicholson Original gin bottles.

The Man who saved Lords

In 2016 the MCC recognised William Nicholson as ‘The man who saved Lord’s’ in an exhibition to mark the 150th anniversary of securing the Lord’s Ground.

Revived in 2017

When Nicholson Gin was revived in 2017, Lord’s Ground was aptly the first place the Nicholson Original went on sale.

Nicholson supports the Marylebone Cricket Club Foundation, the charitable arm of the MCC created with the aim to enhance lives through cricket. Use code MCCF at checkout and Nicholson will donate £2.50 to the MCCF for each bottle purchased.

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