Nicholson Original

Gin and Tonic World Garnish Tour

Celebrating the Spirit of Cricket this Summer

We love a cricket match here at Nicholson Gin, and there’s no greater cricket season than the 6 weeks of The ICC Cricket World Cup!

Cricket has been part of our history for over 150 years. It’s in our family and brand’s essence, so much so an expert taster might argue that a hint of cricket is detectable amongst our 10 botanicals.

It all started in 1860s when William Nicholson, first class cricketer for the MCC, Middlesex and England, loaned the MCC the funds to purchase the freehold of Lord’s Ground, thereby saving the future of the Club and the home of cricket for future generations.

He later funded the construction of the pavilion that stands today, affectionately known at the time as ‘The Gin Palace’.

History has it that to mark William Nicholson’s generosity the MCC changed their colours to the famous yellow and red (‘egg & bacon’) instantly recognisable across the sporting world and which were and are the colours of Nicholson Gin.

To celebrate this season of World Class International Cricket, we’ve designed garnishes for Nicholson Original Gin and Tonics inspired by native garnishes from of each of the great nations playing in the ICC Cricket World Cup.

So whilst enjoying the games this summer, why not take inspiration from our World Garnish Tour and try some new dimensions to your Nicholson Original G&Ts.

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There’s few flavours more English than Strawberry and Cucumber. Sweet and succulent, a strawberry pairs perfectly with a fresh, green and earthy cucumber.

To Serve…

Peel the cucumber. Line the inside of the glass with the peel, and place a delicate roll of cucumber on top, alongside a demi Strawberry




Happily, the colours of these garnishes match the team’s colours – gold and green. Green grapes grow in abundance in Australia, for the fruit bowl as well as the wine glass. Golden Apricots also thrive, bathing in the sunshine of the Southern States

To Serve…

Slice the grapes thin and line the inside of the glass. Add a wedge of apricot to finish.

South Africa



Naartjie is the South African name for the Satsuma, originating in Japan but widely grown and consumed in South Africa. South Africa is also a major apple growing nation. Incidentally, it’s known for it’s Chenin Blanc wine – widely considered to have a green apple like flavour

To Serve…

To serve, slice the Satsuma into two whole moons and line the inside of the glass. The apple should be cut into small wedges and placed at the top of the glass to finish.

New Zealand



The delicious national fruit of New Zealand is a perfectly paired garnish for a Nicholson Original G&T.

To Serve…

Peel and slice it into two thin full moons and place on the lining of the glass.




Both classic Indian spices, they should be gently dry toasted first for a minute or two to release aromatics to the drink.

To Serve…

Gently crush the cardamon pods before garnishing to further release the flavour. A long sprig of curry leaf is placed lining the inside of the glass.




Kaffir lime had a very similar flavour to the Gandharaj Lebu, a lime native to Bangladesh. Both are a cross between lime and mandarin and although they have evolved into slightly different fruit the flavour is very similar.

We have chosen to garnish our Bangladesh inspired G&T with Kaffir Lime as the Gandharaj Lebu is difficult to source outside of Bangladesh.

Pomelo is native to Bangladesh and together they add a citrus bite and the aromatics to the drink

To Serve…

Slice the pomelo into a thin wedge and place in the glass alongside a leal of Kaffir Lime to finish.




Pomegranate originated in the region between Iran and Northern India. Mint is widely used in Kandahari and Kabuli cuisine.

To Serve…

Place pomegranate seeds at the bottom of the glass, twist a bunch of mint sprigs and place on top to finish.

Sri Lanka



Cinnamon is a classic spice of Sri Lanka and the rambutan is widely consumed all over the island. The cinnamon should be gently toasted for a minute or two first.

To Serve…

Remove the rambutan from its skin, and skewer with a small wedge of the skin placed between the fruit and the edge of the glass.




Pakistan mangos are renowned for being the best in the world.

To Serve…

Mango is sliced into a large wedge and placed in the glass with the skin facing outwards.

West Indies



Lime is native to the West Indies, with the vast majority of classic rum cocktails including lime. Ginger is also native to the West Indies, with fiery ginger beer being a staple of Jamaica.

The Dark and Stormy cocktail, a Caribbean classic, utilises both of these ingredients and as such this The West Indies’ Nicholson Original G&T garnish is inspired by the Caribbean signature cocktail, the Dark and Stormy, where lime and ginger flavours dominate.

To Serve…

Slice lime into two half moon and line the glass. Finish with a slice of ginger.