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The Reimagination of a Great British Brand

The Reimagination of a Great British Brand

To recreate a brand with over 250 years of heritage and history is not for the faint hearted, thats why we have spent months researching the history of Nicholson, pouring through the archives in Hackney, before setting to work on the creative.

Four things struck us. Nicholson relationship with 3 mills in London is critical to the history of the brand, Nicholson's relationship with the River Thames is indisputable, 1736 makes us the oldest Gin in the UK and therefore one of the oldest Gins in the world. We needed to find a way to bring that alive in video and photography.

Thanks to our world class creative team and the extraordinary photographic skills of Christian Banfield and his team of experts, we were able to bring alive the brand beautifully. 

3 Mills Distillery purchased by Nicholson in 1873 

The still dials from the 1960's

The River Thames


Watch our brand film here:


Watch our cocktail videos here



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