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The grateful MCC went on to adopt Nicholson’s ‘egg and bacon’ colours for their own. By 1879 he had been made President of the MCC. And by 1890, The MCC’s new Pavilion opened thanks to the generosity of William Nicholson who funded its construction – and was affectionately known at the time as the ‘Gin Palace.’ In todays money, it is estimated that Nicholson funded the the MCC to the tune of £6m.

Fast forward to today and the love affair with cricket has gone full circle, Alex Johns, the Nicholson CEO today has got an illustrious cricket family history with includes 3 England cricket Captains (Arthur Gilligan, Harold Gilligan and Peter May) and two of them went on to become Presidents of the MCC, Arthur Gilligan in 1967 and Peter May in 1980.

As part of the continuing relationship with Cricket, Nicholson is the new Title sponsor of The Cricketer Cup which will be renamed the Nicholson Cricketer Cup

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